The land of Los Monegros is the Alive Desert in Europe, desert because the vastness and aridity of the steppe, and alive because the extraordinary natural and economic life that its land and its people offer us.
Los Monegros land is located between the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca, its spine is the “Sierra de Alcubierre”, this saw in the words of the monk Don Theobald when during the war of Independence organized the defense of this territory can be defined as "the key of Huesca province" coming from Zaragoza.
It occupies an area of 2.794,90 Km2 and has a low population density (7.8 inhabitants per Km2). Its people are hospitable, very rooted in the rural areas with a high spirit of diligence and thrift, are grouped into 31 municipalities and 49 towns well interconnected.  A thriving business movement and economic activity exists in our region and It breaks decisively with the topic of Los Monegros as a desert-land.
Life in the region is marked by the existence of an artificial water course, this is Los Monegros Canal, the real engine of development in the region and part facilitator of the great contrasts of nature in this land we can find. Here we pass through of the great aridity of the characteristic DRYLAND from Monegros to the new irrigated orchard, privileged position that allows you to find a biodiversity which is rarely found elsewhere in much of Europe. We offer on one hand both landscapes of solitude and natural beauty unique in Europe, and on the other hand a territory with a well-organized social and productive structure ready to face any economic or social challenge.
We have a rich and diverse flora and fauna. Near our hostel you can find Sariñena Lagoon, which is considered one of the most important wetlands in Europe, as a passage and stopover for migratory birds and home to a large Waterfowl colony arouse the interest of the traveler.
A few kilometers from this lovely wetland we find the Monegros steppe and its characteristic steppe flora, alternating large “cubilares” and “sardas” with deep galachos and trails that model a unique landscape. Always at our hand “Sierra de Alcubierre”, Santa Quiteria and vicinity of La Valcuerna. Here you can find easily from the wild boar, deer, fox, the great bustard and the vulture and other raptors, until the hare, partridges, turtle doves and other game species that abound in our fields.
The loneliness of our countryside and the hospitality of our people is a balm for the senses.
Attractions worth visiting for the traveler and can be found at a short distance from each other are:

  • The Cistercian Monastery of Villanueva de Xijena, 60 Km.
  • Sariñena Lagoon, 43 Km.
  • The natural park of La Gabarda in Sodeto and Alberuela de Tubo, 40 Km.
  • The Charterhouse of Las Fuentes in Sariñena, 40 Km.
  • The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Magallón in Leciñena, 2 Km.
  • The so-called path of the old culture of water with its ancient water wells and ponds.
  • San Caprasio hermitage, the highest hill in Los Monegros, 24 Km.
  • The “Saladas” in Bujaraloz, 60 Km.