El Portegao is a 7 room hostel, newly built. All the rooms are spacious and comfortable, and equipped with:

  • Fully equipped bathroom
  • Television
  • Telephone
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Wi-fi
  • Excellent brightness

Each one of the rooms is named as the houses of farmers who are scattered LeciƱena country land. This is a tribute to the farmers who b ilt them and for generations filled them with life; nowadays, they are havens for hunters and have been restored by the LeciƱena Society of Hunters. Thus the owners of El Portegao wish to acknowledge the excellent work of each other maintaining these houses that are now meeting places and entertainment venues, and frequently used by the public to make meals in the field, due to they remain open at all times and available to those who want to use them.
The interior decoration of the rooms is nice and welcoming, and leaves a pleasant memory in all of those who have already visited us.
It incorporates all the amenities to enjoy having a rest during their stay in Los Monegros. El Portegao maintains high quality equipment and ensures a meticulous service in order to make your stay in our hostel very nice.
We have spacious terraces that invite relaxation and reading, all served by an excellent cafeteria, restaurant and bar facilities.


El Portegao is located 24 Km. far from the city of Zaragoza and in the middle region of Los Monegros, by the base of the Sierra de Alcubierre, and at the entrance to the province of Huesca.