El Portegao is located 24 Km. far from the city of Zaragoza and in the middle region of Los Monegros, by the base of the Sierra de Alcubierre, and at the entrance to the province of Huesca.

Distances from the hostel:
  • Zaragoza, 24 Km.
  • Huesca, 50 Km.
  • Zuera, 21 Km.
  • San Mateo de Gallego, 14 kms.
  • Sariñena Lagoon, 45 Km.
  • Villanueva de Xijena Monastery, 55 Km.

To reach our facilities you should drive take the road A-129 between Zaragoza and Sariñena, and about halfway is Leciñena. Once in Leciñena, on the same road, you will see signs that lead you to our hostel

C/ La Iglesia Nº3 - 50160, Leciñena (Zaragoza)